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When deciding on a printing solution for Oracle Application Express (APEX) There are many things to consider. Is the print solution a paid or free? how easy is to set up and use, how are layouts handled, what output formats are supported. There are many existing solutions for printing in Oracle APEX Application going from freemium to premium, more/less complicated to integrate into an APEX environment, pixel-perfect reporting. Many of these solutions are complex to setup like (Jasper report) or expensive like (BI publisher).

MaxPrint is an easy-to-use APEX Plugin enabling you to create stunning PDF, Docx, and HTML reports. Once installed, you can generate a printed report from anywhere in your APEX application.

Best of all, MaxPrint is free! For basic printing, we offer 150 reports per month for free version of the Plugin for small uses. If you need more reports, a low-cost version is also available including 5 plans:

  • MICRO: 14$/mo for 500 reports/mo
  • SMALL: 20$/mo for 1000 reports/mo
  • MEDUIM: 30$/mo for 2500 reports/mo
  • LARGE: 50$/mo for 6000 reports/mo
  • XL: 150$/mo for unlimited reports




Simple installation: MaxPrint is very simple to install in your application. Just upload the installation file within your Oracle Apex Application. MaxPrint has the below features:

  • Print in different formats: The plugin early version support Docx, pdf and html. More formats will be supported with the futureversions.
  • Easy template design: the template design is simple and easy to understand.It is designed in MS Word or Libre Office. The template can also be generated automatically when you write your SQL query.


· Support three types of SQL queries

Simple SQL

Cursor based SQL


· Writing SQL Query in MaxPrint is the easiest among all other reporting options available for APEX. Thanks to Simple SQL feature of MaxPrint:

· Compatible with Oracle Apex 18+: MaxPrint works with Oracle APEX version 18 and plus.

· Make data printing and exporting easy.

· Can email reports

· Data Type Support Text, images, charts: you can add images and charts in your report.

· Can be called in Dynamic action and through PL/SQL

· Cost effective

· Fully integrated with APEX.

· 24 hour support: you have 24 hours support including service issue, technical issue, plugin debugging, etc.

· Has programmatic APIs: this is one of the best features. Allows you to easily manipulate resources like report URL, report binary, etc. from PLSQL procedure.

Why use MaxPrint for printing?

MaxPrint is a printing solution with a free plan. We offer different pricing. The freemium option offers 150 free monthly reports. You can order the free option to have access to the installation files if you want to give a try to the plugin.

It is design for Oracle Application Express version over v18+. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code, zero latency, feature-rich web application development framework that runs directly out of the Oracle Database. A web browser is all you need to develop robust, secure, and scalable database-driven applications. If you are new in Oracle APEX, you can start with a free workspace. Thinking about hosting your Oracle Apex Application? Let’s try one of our cost effective hosting plan.

Compared to others printing solution, we offer  24-hour support for any technical and non-technical issue.


Configuring MaxPrint in Oracle APEX 

  1. Get the installation files by Subscribing the plugin
  2. Run install.sql script which comes with installation files
  3. Install the plugin from installation files
  4. Design a template in MS Wordor Libre Office 
  5. Upload your template in APEX or any server: When your template is ready you can upload that under application files in your APEX application shared components.
  6. Create a button with dynamic action and choose MaxPrint as Action.
  7. Write your SQL script to query data and then link it to your template to display the data


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